Swiss Cheese

Bruce Workman's Edelweiss Creamery has accomplished something remarkable; he has reintroduced to Wisconsin's Green County the lost art of classic big-wheel Swiss Emmentaler production. This cheese plant has been in the same location since 1873. "There use to be over 200 little cheese plants in this county, all producing authentic copper-kettle Swiss," Workman says. "Over the years, as cheesemaking became industrialized and companies worked to reduce their labor costs, it was abandoned. I set out to bring it back"


Lacy Swiss 8oz
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A mild tasting reduced fat cheese with lots of little holes giving it a lacy look. Ideal for slicing on sandwiches, grated in egg dishes or diced on salads.

Grassfed Emmentaler Swiss Cheese 20oz
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Edelweiss Creamery in Monticello, Wisconsin has reintroduced the world to the traditional large Swiss cheese wheel with their 100% authentic Emmentaler.  Made in copper kettles direct from Switzerland. All of the milk for these wheels are sourced only from grass fed cows.  Master Cheesemaker Bruce Workman describes the taste of this cheese as creamy, sweet and nutty with a very pronounced flavor.