Pepper Cheese

For pepper lovers of all degrees Maple Leaf has developed a variety of our cheeses with spicy peppers added.  Peppers bring a unique smoky warm flavor to our cheeses.  These cheeses are great eaten on their own or on a quesadilla add it to any of your favorite recipes.



Cultured Way Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese 7oz
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Our Master Cheesemaker has worked hard to develop this delicate, clean, slightly tart cheese. Our Cultured Way Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese, with it's creamy smooth texture, has a great taste and packs some heat. This cheese is lactose free with active yogurt cultures.

Jalapeno Monterey Jack 8oz Wedge
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Maple Leaf's Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese has a delicate, buttery, slightly tart and spicy pepper flavor. Creamy, open texture.

Habanero Monterey Jack 8oz
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For hot pepper lovers, Maple Leaf has added Habanero to our Award Winning Jack family!

Cultured Way Chipotle Yogurt Cheese 7oz
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Our Master Cheese Maker decided that our Cultured Yogurt Cheese and Chipotle Peppers would be a perfaect marriage.   This  Cheese is delicate, clean and a bit tart packed with some heat and a smooth smokey punch to finish it. Lactose free and low in sodium for those health consious cheese lovers!