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4-Cheese Gift Box

Price: $41.95


Here is the line-up for this gift box.

8oz. Swedish style Fontina- Our Nordic™ Swedish Style Fontina is pale ivory to a light straw yellow with slightly rounded corners coated in red wax with eyes scattered through out. This semi-soft cheese is smooth and supple. The flavor is slightly tart, earthy, mellow to sharp depending on age.

8oz. Maple Leaf Irish Harp cheddar-Yellow/white Cheddar cut from a wheel with green wax to celebrate the Irish look!

8oz. Edelwiess Grazier Aged Gouda- made with grass based whole milk, has a rich, buttery, slightly sweet flavor and smooth, creamy texture.

8oz. Edelwiess Butter Kase- Its name literally means "butter cheese", because of it's butter-like texture.


All gift boxes are shipped in a Wisconsin Cow Cheese Box and makes a great gift for any occassion!