Gouda Cheese

Edelweiss Grazier Aged Gouda 8oz
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Our aged Gouda, made with grass based whole milk, has a rich, buttery, and slightly sweet flavor with a smooth, creamy texture. We age this unique cheese at least twelve months.

Red Wax Gouda 8oz
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A clean, creamy gouda sealed in with a beatiful red wax for a better cure and flavor.

Naturally Smoked Gouda 8oz
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Crafted in 12 pound wheels our Gouda is naturally smoked with Applewood to add a smoky flavor and depth to our Gouda.  This cheese  lends itself to be a great addition to any cheese tray.

Jeffs' Select 8oz
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This is the most unique and flavorful Gouda Cheese you will ever find! This cheese is limited in availability and we are the only site that exculively offers it in 8oz wedges!

When we say unique we mean it. Check out this video.

Caves of Faribault


Chipotle Gouda 8oz

Heat up your taste buds with our Chipotle Gouda.  Imagine our creamy Dutch style Gouda infused with naturally smoked Chipotle peppers, that is our Chipotle Gouda.  A great flavor combination if you like a little heat with your dairy.