Double Milled Cheese

To make our unique double-milled products, we take cheddar, aged to perfection, and shred it with tasty fruit to create a wonderful combination of flavors.



Cranberry White Cheddar 8oz
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One of our top sellers! Cranberries combined with our Maple Leaf Aged White Cheddar cheese is a match made in heaven.  With it's rich fruity flavor it becomes increasingly sharp with age.  Great on sandwiches, in casseroles and soups!

Cherry White Cheddar 8oz

Our Maple Leaf Aged White Cheddar double-milled with cherries make for very flavorful combination.  This cheese becomes sharper as it ages adding to it's complexity.  Great as an appetizer or dessert cheese or how about on a grilled cheese sandwich!

Blueberry White Cheddar 8oz
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Blueberries with our Maple Leaf Aged White Cheddar make for a flavor packed cheese.  This cheese will become sharper with age and it's texture will become granular and crumbly.  Great on it's own, as a dessert cheese or shredded into your favorite recipes!

Apple Harvest Cheddar 8oz
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An award winning cheddar cheese combined with with apple and cinnamon for a sensational dessert cheese that holds its own, but also pairs well; whether it be with a light wine or crackers.