Cultured Way Yogurt Cheese

YOGURT - NATURE'S PERFECT FOOD Yogurt has been one of the world’s most beloved foods for over 4000 years. The beneficial cultures that serendipitously found their way into stored milk back in ancient times fermented it, and created what we call yogurt today. In addition to being delicious, it was discovered to be extremely healthful. A mainstay of the well-known Mediterranean Diet and Middle Eastern food, as well as other international cuisines, yogurt is one of nature’s perfect foods. Nutritionists have widely proclaimed the health benefits of the yogurt cultures found in The Cultured Way yogurt cheese.

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Cultured Way Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese 7oz
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Our Master Cheesemaker has worked hard to develop this delicate, clean, slightly tart cheese. Our Cultured Way Jalapeno Yogurt Cheese, with it's creamy smooth texture, has a great taste and packs some heat. This cheese is lactose free with active yogurt cultures.

Cultured Way Original Yogurt 7oz
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Developed under the watchful eye of our certified Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, our Cultured Way Original Yogurt Cheese is packed with great taste, nutrition and active yogurt cultures. It has a delicate, clean and slightly tart flavor with a creamy, smooth texture and it's lactose free!

Cultured Way Chipotle Yogurt Cheese 7oz
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Our Master Cheese Maker decided that our Cultured Yogurt Cheese and Chipotle Peppers would be a perfaect marriage.   This  Cheese is delicate, clean and a bit tart packed with some heat and a smooth smokey punch to finish it. Lactose free and low in sodium for those health consious cheese lovers!